Donation and Refund Policy of IDT

Donation and Refund Policy of IDT


  1. Donations:
  •    IDT greatly appreciates and accepts donations from individuals and organisations to support its mission and programs.
  •    Donations can be made through various channels, including the IDT website, fundraising events, or other designated methods approved by IDT.
  •    Donors may choose to make one-time donations or recurring donations, subject to the available options provided by IDT.


  1. Use of Donations:
  •    Donations received by IDT are used to fund its programs, initiatives, operational expenses, and other charitable activities aligned with its mission.
  •    IDT ensures that donated funds are allocated responsibly and efficiently to maximise their impact and benefit the intended beneficiaries.


  1. Refunds:
  •    IDT generally does not provide refunds for donations unless there has been an error in the donation transaction or under exceptional circumstances as determined by IDT.
  •    In case of a transactional error or if you believe there has been an issue with your donation, please contact IDT promptly with relevant details for resolution.


  1. Communication and Acknowledgment:
  •    IDT acknowledges all donations, regardless of the amount, through appropriate means, such as email, mail, or other suitable methods.
  •    IDT will provide donors with receipts or acknowledgment letters that comply with applicable legal requirements for tax purposes. Tax exemption is only available for Zakat paid to IDT.


  1. Donor Privacy:
  •    IDT respects the privacy of its donors and is committed to protecting their personal information.
  •    Donor information collected by IDT is used solely for the purpose of processing donations, maintaining accurate records, and communicating with donors about IDT's activities, unless otherwise authorised by the donor.


  1. Changes to the Policy:
  •    IDT reserves the right to modify or update this Donation and Refund Policy at any time. Any changes will be posted on the IDT website or other appropriate channels, with a revised "Last Updated" date.


  1. Contact:
  •    If you have any questions, concerns, or require further information about IDT's Donation and Refund Policy, please contact us at +603 4141 8982.


Please note that this Donation and Refund Policy is intended to provide general guidelines and does not constitute a legally binding agreement. Specific terms and conditions related to donations may apply in certain circumstances and will be communicated accordingly.